Giuseppina (Pagoria) and Giuseppe Arena and Their Descendants 

Giovanna (Guzzo) Pagoria Giuseppina (Pagoria) and Giovanni Arena

Giovanna (Guzzo) Pagoria. Giovanna was Giuseppina's mother. 

Giuseppina (Pagoria) and Giuseppi Arena 
Giovanna (Pagoria) Guzzo; Giovanni, Giovanna, Giuseppina (Pagoria), Carmella, Giuseppe, and Salvatore Arena Angelina and her Descendants

From left to right:

Back Row (adults): Giovanna (Guzzo) Pagoria, Giuseppina (Pagoria), Giuseppe
Front Row (children): Giovanni, Giovanna, Carmella, and Salvatore Arena

Angelina* and her Descendants - taken at Nene's home in Caccamo at Angelina's 90th birthday party (August 28, 1981)

Front row: Adele, Angelina, Pierangela
Back row: Enzo, Santina, Nene, Pippo 

* Angelina is not a Pagoria descendant. Angelina is Nene's mother. Nene's wife, Santina (and consequently her children) are Pagoria descendants.