The Pagoria Family Crest

The Pagoria Family Crest

Salvatore Pagoria (Palermo, Italy) stated that he remembers a family crest that was located in his family's house when he was young. All the research that I have conducted has not turned up a Pagoria family crest.

Salvatore did obtain two crests from a street vendor in Sicily that were in theory Pagoria crests, but these crests were actually Pagano crests. All indications from the research conducted by Deb Hill leads to the belief that the Pagoria name is not derived from Pagano, so the validity of these crests is very doubtful.

There are no indications that the Pagorias were ever a "noble" family, that would warrant the need for a family crest and a coat of arms. The Pagorias of the 18th and 19th century were mainly farmers, based on the information that has been obtained from Caccamo.

Therefore, as keeper of this web page, I took it upon myself to create a family crest and coat of arms for the Pagoria Family. The coat of arms is above. I have also created a printable version in .pdf format, that is available at the following link. This version includes a brief history of the Pagoria name.

I may register this coat of arms one day, but I have not done so at this point in time. If a registered coat of arms is ever obtained, I will post it on this site.

Let me know what you think of this coat of arms.