Peter and Margaret (Bova) Pagoria (Part II)

Jason Pagoria (Peter's great-grandson - Dominic's grandson) Madison and Arianna (Nicole's daughter)

Kelly (Jason's Girlfriend), Jason, and Madison.  Jason Pagoria is Peter's great-grandson - Dominic's grandson.

Madison (Jason's daughter) and Arianna (Nicole's daughter).
Both are Peter's great-great granddaughters. 

Nicole Pagoria Arianna and Jayden

Nicole Pagoria. (Peter's great-granddaughter - Dominic's granddaughter)

Arianna and Jayden. Peter's great-great granddaughters (Nicole's daughters)

Jayden Rayne Pagoria-Torres Michael Charles Pagoria and family

Jayden Rayne Pagoria-Torres. Peter's great-great granddaughter (Nicole's daughter)  

Michael Charles Pagoria and his family. Michael, Marta (his wife), Rain, Jade, and Mason. Michael is a grandchild of Dominic Pagoria. 

Liam Michael Pagoria Rain, Jade, Rhiannon, and Mason

Liam Michael Pagoria.  Liam is Michael Charles Pagoria's son ( Michael is a grandson of Dominic Pagoria)

Rain, Jade, Rhiannon, and Mason.  Children of Michael Charles Pagoria's family.

John nad Kathy Pagoria

Johnathan and Kerry
Kelly, Jeremy and Baby Aiden

John and Kathy (McDonald) Pagoria.  John is Dominic's son.
Small picture is of Jonathan and Kerry Pagoria (Jonathan is John and Kathy's son) 

Jeremiah and Kelly Marie (Pagoria) Rodriguez-Muller, with their son Aiden Patrick Muller.  Kelly is Dominic's granddaughter.
Jonathan's sons

Dominick James Pagoria & Vince John Pagoria. Dominick and Vince are great-grandsons of Dominic Pagoria.