The Scalfano Family Tree

A young Biaggio

Biaggio Scalfano

The descendants of Biaggio are alive and well. The Sclafani name was changed to Scalfano in the United States, so there are a limited amount of Scalfanos. Biaggio's entry is in blue below. This information was pulled together by Kathy Yates and Frank Scalfano. Extensive additional research was completed by Deb Hill in February, 2008. The new updated information has been added to the tree below.

A set of 15 pictures of the Scalfano family are available at the following link. The set includes pictures of Biaggio, his four sisters, and his mother. A hyperlink to the pictures has also been added below for the descendants that are included in the set of pictures.

Descendants of Girolamo Sclafani

Girolamo Sclafani (born around 1735 and died February 26, 1781 in Caccamo, Sicily) married Francesca. They had three children: