The Schweizer Family Tree

Robert and Lou at Pat's wedding

Robert and Lou (Marsh) Schweizer (1954)

Videos of Robert's and Lou's family and their descendants are available at this link

Robert Schweizer was born June 30, 1905 in Weehawken Heights, NJ. His father and mother were named Robert and Cristina and were born in St. Galen, Switzerland. They arrived in the US around 1900. Robert (born 1905) had a brother, Alfred, who died at the age of 8. He married Lou Marsh (born September 10, 1905) on August 23, 1927 in Chicago, IL. Lou's mother was Ella Johnson and her father was Charles Fen Marsh. Lou had two sisters, Nina and Isal, and two brothers, Vernon and Bobbie. Robert and Lou died May 22, 1961. They had ten children:



Schweizer 2001 Reunion

Schweizer Family Reunion - July, 2001