The Wells Family Tree

Nancy and Dick Wells

Nancy (Thatcher) Wells and Dick Wells

Dick's Grandmother's branch

Thomas Proctor married Charlotte Brent in Richmond, VA. They had one son:

Terry Wells and his Family

Terry Lee Wells, Janet, Scott, Emily, and Todd

Dick's Grandfather's branch

Charles B. Wells (born in Pennsylvania on June 29, 1829 and died September 14, 1913). He married Sarah Ann Quigg (born in Pennsylvania on April 22, 1839 and died April 24, 1931) on March 6, 1857 in Adams County, Illinois. They had six children:

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Zach and Alex Wells

Zachary and Alex Wells

Jake and Mollie

Jake and Mollie Wells (April 23, 1998)

Carol, Walter, Lauren, and Paul

Carol, Lauren, Paul and Walter Busick

The Pagoria Clan with Flipper

Kathy, Aaron, Chris, and Michael Pagoria

The Marquardts

The Marquardt Connection (pictured left to right)

Jeff, Jonathon, and Shaun
Debbie, Doug, Brooke, and Brett
Nancy and Ank
Curtis, Susie, and Christopher

Nancy's tree

Nancy has one sister, Barbara Ann Thatcher. Barbara was born January 10, 1940 in Mount Vernon, Illinois. She married Robert Lawrence Pratt (born December 8, 1936 in Dewitt, New York) in Iowa City, Iowa on September 26, 1959. They have two children:

Additional info on Nancy's Tree

The following Tree is in reverse format from the rest of the Tree.  Nancy's parents are listed below and their known ascendants are listed.  Nancy's parents were John T. Thatcher and Jean A. Schad: